Label Making Made Easy

Techspan makes label making easy….

Warren Hadler, from Techspan, explains how a TSC TE200 desk top printer can make your workplace safer –

We all know that Work Place Safety is Paramount, and thankfully safety is taken very seriously these days by most employers. Techspan has a way of helping you to keep you’re your staff safe when you buy chemicals in bulk and decanter them into bottles to be used machine side as to be SAFE; every container needs a label to identify the contents.

Do you know what is in that bottle, sure it looks like wash up fluid and it probably is. You use it every day, right? But do you really know what is in that bottle?

Labelling is not only a way of adding value to consumer products, it is a very effective way of communicating accurate information and WARNINGS about the contents of a package or bottle. Workplace safety has come a long way and without a doubt the improvement has prevented injury and saved lives, but there is always room for improvement.

For a small cost you can have you own label printer and manage your labelling in house, Techspan carries an extensive range of printers and ribbons. Our TSC TE200 desk top printer combined with our K-5 black thermal transfer ribbon is an ideal combination for work place labelling as the TE200 printer is small, economic and easy to use. The K-5 ribbon has high resistance qualities and together this user friendly duo will get you sorted in no time and you can feel the satisfaction of having added another safety feature in your work place to help look after your valuable staff.

TSC printers are reliable and economical, Techspan carries an extensive range of printers from small desk top models right through to industrial metal cased printers. Features like fast speeds and rich imagery can be achieved. Just talk to one of the team at Techspan for advice and a quotation on which TSC printer is best for your application.

Thermal transfer ribbon is a big part of the Techspan business, with a big offering of colours available and many grades of black to suit most applications available ex. stock. All sourced from leading manufactures and converted to size right here in Auckland.

If you need a printer or thermal transfer ribbon, talk to Techspan.