Cold Foil

Cold Foiling without heat

Cold foiling is a method of foil printing without heat and is now commonly used in the label printing industry on rotary printing presses, mostly as an inline process. There are sheet fed units available however these are far less common and there are presently none in New Zealand and very few in Australia.
Cold foil does not carry a layer of heat activated adhesive to bond with a substrate like hot foil. On a rotary printing machine cold foil is placed on top of a wet UV curable adhesive that has been laid down on a non-porous substrate as an image of where you want the foil to adhere by way of a printing plate as you would an ink colour. The web with the foil laying on it then passes under a nip roller and an Ultra Violet light which passes through the foil and cures the adhesive instantly. The foil roll is then peeled away leaving a foiled image. All this happens in a very short space and often at high speed.

Cold foiling is an economic alternative to hot foiling as there are no costly dies involved allowing a foil embellishment to be an affordable option even on shorter runs where costs are more concentrated.

Techspan’s range of cold foil can be applied to a blank or printed surface and can be over-printed allowing the designer or brand owner a variety of exciting options when creating their label.

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